In the Tech’s Toolbox



1.  Volt Meter  2. Nut Driver  3. Mallet  4. Teflon Tape  5. Ratchet Wrench  6. Pump Lid Wrench  7. Impeller Wrench

8. Pressure Nozzle  9. Pliers

Ever wonder what a good pool technician (or mechanic) keeps in his toolbox?

Here’s a sneak peek!

This is what our Head Pool Technician, Robert, calls his secret weapons.  I’d really love to have a volt meter to use on all my batteries at home…that would be helpful for sifting out which ones are good and which ones are bad…save me a lot of time! ha!  There really isn’t any pool equipment that uses batteries…at least not AA.  Robert says it’s his lifesaver.  It troubleshoots all electircal problems.

Any wrench is a classic tool in a tool box…starter kit 101!  Favorite tool by far…a ratchet wrench.  Using one is the quickest way to get bolts/nuts off in tight places.  Can anyone guess what number 6 is??  It’s the favorite question to ask all our mechanic friends.  It’s a special pool tool used for unscrewing pump lids!  Who’da guessed.  And that blue one?  The best and easiest way to take impellers off old pumps.

Here’s a doozy for all you DIYers…want to install filter band clamps?  The mallet is your best friend.  Gets those bad boys on nice and tight!

Teflon tape creates water tight seal on threaded parts…sounds like a pretty decent tool to have.

Another classic tool to have in any good tool box are pliers.

The last two?  numbers 2 and 8.  A nut driver and a pressure nozzle for cleaning filters.

So that’s a little run down of Robert’s favorite tools.

Have other tools that you find are a must have in your tool kit (pool guy or not?)  Share below!