How to Have a Cleaner Pool- Part 3

Our final post is finally here!  The third category of cleaners you should be aware of is the robotic cleaner.  Robotic cleaners work similiar to pressure cleaners in that they use water pressure to create a suction.

Here goes!

And as always…(Prices are subject to change).

Category 3: Robotic Cleaners

Robotic Cleaner [rō-ˈbä-tik] [ˈklē-nər] The suction that they create is generated by an internal pump rather than an external pump.  This means the robotic cleaner does not need any extra hookup to skimmers, hoses or booster pumps.  These cleaners are also powered by an electric cord.

2.  Aquabot Turbo:  Retail Value $1200  This baby cleans up to 6500 sq. ft. per hour and filters 4200 gallons of water every hour!  It is also able to make 90 degree climbs up most stairs and benches.  With its microprocessor technology, Aquabot Turbo learns every inch of your swimming pool.

1.  Hayward TigerShark: Retail Value: $900  The Hayward TigerShark uses less energy than most pressure cleaners…only the engery of one lightbulb!  Just like the Aquabot, just take the cleaner out of the box, plug it in and go.  What makes this cleaner our number one is its dependability.  Hayward has been selling these puppies for over 40 years!  Also engineered with microprocessor technology, the TigerShark leanrs the shape of your pool, cleaning the floor, wallas and steps.  It shuts off automatically after three hours for energy efficiency.  No more filter bags with this pool cleaner!  TigerShark is equipped with an easy to clean reinforced cartridge element.

Hope this post finds you all well in whatever you doing!  Comment below with any questions, concerns or more thoughts on pool cleaners!  Any insights??