How to Have a Cleaner Pool Part 2

In our last post we talked about the first type of automatic pool cleaners; pressure cleaners.  In this post on how to have a cleaner pool, we will show you our top three suction cleaners.

(Prices are subject to change).

Category 2: Suction Cleaners

Suction Cleaner [ˈsək-shən] [ˈklē-nər] Uses the suction of your pool pump and your filtration system to pick up dirt and debris.

3.  Kreepy Krauly Classic:  Retail Value $330  This cleaner is simple, effective, it works just as though you were to vacuum your pool except for hours on end.  It has no mechanical moving parts therefore it will last for years.

2.  Zodiac Baracuda G3  Retail Value $400 The Baracuda G3 is very similiar in functionality to the Kreepy Krauly pictured above but in a smaller package.

1.  Polaris ATV Retail Value $300  Polaris is at it agian!  Number one spot for cost, durability and efficiency.  This cleaner uses the same principles as the pressure cleaners except iwth suctions.  It has mechanical drive wheels and the turbine on top of the cleaner drives the cleaner across your pool efficiently.