A better pool service


Robert Go Pro

So as those who could have guessed we are a family owned, brand spankin’ new (with the fresh smell and everything) company wanting to give clients a better pool service.  Our hope is to take the trust factor out of pool cleaning.

You pay a pretty penny to have someone else clean your pool.  You may not know exactly what goes into all that crazy looking pool equipment, or what the difference between a skimmer and a main drain is.  Or, maybe you do.  (If you do, consider yourself a lucky pool owner, you have one up on pool companies).  But you do expect us who service pools to know what we’re doing and to do it well…consistently.

Okay, so you have someone cleaning your pool.  What goes into cleaning a pool?  How do you know if your pool was actually cleaned?  If you keep fairly good care of your pool, or maybe you don’t have a bunch of foliage around your pool…does this mean your pool guy gets a day off?

NO!  I think not.

So, what if you could watch your pool being cleaned, without being home when the pool guy shows up.  Just like those fancy homes with security cameras around every angle and a special security room to watch all those cameras.

Strap a Go Pro (thanks for inventing an awesome camera with an even awesom-er case!) to a pool technician’s chest, or under water for a featured film starring your pool and all the dirt being cleaned out!

We do that.

It’s true.  We make our pool technicians (see the guy to the left of our family picture on the home page?…that’s Robert) strap that bad boy to his chest making him look like a hardcore X-Games contestant.  Sometimes he even puts it on the steps of your pool so you can watch first hand how he gets rid of all the gunk that may be built up in your pool.

Any comments on how your pool service is lacking…leave ’em below!