Weekly/Bi-Weekly Maintenance

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Service Includes:


Special Features

As a Pool Refs customer, you’ll get an online account where you can view a short video clip of your pool being cleaned. Other companies might tell you what they did and you’ll have to take their word for it, we’ll show you!  You’ll also be able to view previous and current invoices and quotes right from your personal account. You’ll receive an electronic door tag every time your pool is cleaned so you can keep track of your pool’s chemistry, work performed and any equipment changes needed. Family owned, always reasonable and absolutely no contracts.

Balance Chemistry

 We check and balance: Alkalinity, PH, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, and Salinity adding chemicals accordingly. You’ll receive an electronic door tag to keep you updated on the health of your pool and if we need to add chemicals you’ll be informed when it’s safe to use the pool.

Equipment Check

During the equipment check we: look for deteriorating equipment, check for leaks, manage filter run times, and perform filter backwashes.

Basket Maintenance

We empty skimmer baskets, empty pump strainer baskets, as well as empty cleaner bags/baskets.

General Cleaning

Your pool just won’t be skimmed for leaves, it’ll be thoroughly brushed and vacuumed. We use a commercial-grade vacuum that runs independently from your filter, meaning your equipment won’t have to do as much work and last longer. 

Preventative Maintenance

To prevent costly repairs down the road, you’ll be updated on worn out parts that need replacing to keep your equipment lasting longer. 

Spa Maintenance

Your attached spa is treated as part of your pool and will be cleaned and serviced at no extra charge!