Vacation Pool Sitting

Vacation pool sitting is the travelers dream.

Going out of town? We can keep an eye on your pool when you are gone.  We will clean and perform maintenance on your pool as if you were one of our regular maintenance clients.

Our regular maintenance clients receive the following services:

Balance Chemistry

 We check the Alkalinity, PH, Chlorine, Cyanaric Acid, Water Hardness, and Saltinity, Free Chlorine 

Equipment Check

During the equipment check we look for: deteriorating equipment, leaks, regular maintenance, equipment testing, manage run times, and filter backwashes

Basket Maintenance

We empty skimmer baskets, empty pump strainer baskets, as well as empty cleaner bags/baskets

General Cleaning

Once a week or every other week we will brush down your pool, use a leaf net to clear any debris, and vacuum if necessary

Preventative Maintenance

This is to avoid algae growth, calcium build-up, cloudy water, etc


We also include spa cleaning and care as well as video recordings of all cleanings uploaded to your personal account!


This service is $60.00/week