Equipment Repairs & Upgrades

For Equipment Repairs or Upgrades, Call Pool Referees!

We specialize in all above ground pool repairs, and are licensed and insured for the job. We can help you repair leaking equipment, replace non-functioning or noisy pumps, fix your cleaner, and so much more!

Main Pump Motor

The main pump is the heart of your pool and if the main pool pump isn’t working properly, your pool won’t filter properly. There are several components to the main pump, and we’ll quickly diagnose the issue and get your main pool pump working again.

Booster Pump Motor

A pool’s booster pump supplies high pressure water to a pressure side pool cleaner to optimize cleaner efficiency and performance. The pump is not self-priming and should only be used when the pool pump is on. Running the booster pump without the pool pump will damage it. If your booster pump is not working properly, give us a call for a diagnostic!


The pool pump’s plumbing moves water through your filters. Any small gap or leak in your pool’s plumbing system can cause you to lose pressure and your pool will not filter well. We’ll find the trouble spots in your plumbing and replace the pipe or patch the hole.


You should replace old and broken filter cartridges and grids to keep your pool running properly. A tear in a filter cartridge or grid allows dirt and debris to filter back in your pool. We can replace all types of pool filter systems cartridges, DE and sand.


Swimming pools have pipes that take water from the pool and other pipes that bring water back to the pool. Pool valves control the direction the pool water flows. If you have broken pool valves, including the backwash valve, multi-port valve and check valve, call the Pool Referees to get them repaired.

Pool Heater Repairs

Pool Heaters allow you to start using your pool or attached spa earlier in the season and continue to use it later in the season. If your pool’s heater is not working properly, we can diagnose the problem and repair or replace the heater. If your pool heater doesn’t heat your pool or attached spa quickly, we can upgrade your pool heater.  We understand many Texans don’t want to bother with heaters so we can even remove your pool heater.

Electronic Controls

Your pool’s control panel and electronic components are the brains behind your equipment. You should only get a licensed pool repair company like Pool Referees to work on your electronic equipment. We’ll quickly find the issue and repair or replace any electronic components that aren’t working properly.

Pool Salt Systems

Yes, Pool Referees does salt pool repairs too. If your pool’s salt system is not working properly, your pool is not cleaning properly. We can diagnose the issue and get your salt pool working again.

Contact us to schedule a quote for pool repair.  If we can’t do it ourselves we will direct you to one of our partners who can!


These services are priced by quote only.

Our prices are based on an industry standard of $90.00 for labor per hour.