What to Do with Ducks in Your Pool

Oh duck, there are ducks in my pool!

swans swimming

With the arrival of spring, comes the arrival of ducks. They are officially trying to settle down with that special someone and find a nice place to nest.

Should I allow ducks to nest in my pool?

No way! It’s not healthy for you, your pool or the ducks. With ducks come duck droppings. If your pool is not properly treated duck droppings can lead to harmful bacteria like e. Coli and salmonella being present in your pool. Getting rid of these harmful bacteria means adding more chemicals and more upkeep work. The more chemicals you add, the worse it is for the ducks. They’ll drink the chlorinated water which destroys their kidneys.

So how do I get rid of ducks in my pool?

First off, if your ducks have already set up a nest or laid eggs it is against state and federal law to harm, tamper or remove the nest or eggs. If your ducks have not nested, now is the time to encourage them to go somewhere else. Here are 3 of our favorite techniques:

  1. Place rubber snakes around your pool- the bigger the better
  2. Float several pool floats or beach balls in your pool
  3. Use an automatic pool cleaner- nothing looks more predator-like than something moving under the surface

Scaring ducks out of your pool is better for you, your pool and the ducks. Do you have another way that works? Leave us a comment below!