Frankie Says: Relax, Don’t Do It: how to have a cleaner pool – 1

Summer is finally here! ¬†Aren’t you glad you have a pool to beat the heat of this lovely, sweltering Texas heat? ūüėČ

Take a tip from Frankie and have a “relax”-ing summer! ¬†Don’t worry about having to net and scrub and re-net every time you want to dip in your pool.

Automatic pool cleaners are a pool owners best friend to have a cleaner pool. ¬†(Well, besides a chemistry kit, but we’ll save that for another blog post).

This is the first of three posts we will be sharing throughout this week about the different types of cleaners and our top three in each category.  (Prices are subject to change).

*Note: ¬†I normally would give a broad spectrum of companies to go with but Polaris has really dominated the pool cleaner market. ¬†I would not feel comfortable reccommending any other company besides Polaris. ¬†We are not in anyway affiliated with them…they just have awesome products that stand the test of time!

Category 1: Pressure Cleaners

Pressure Cleaner [presh-er] [klee-ner]:  A cleaner that runs off of a seperate booster pump on a dedicated line on the side of your pool.  It uses water pressure to create suction instead of suction from your pump.

3. Polaris Vac Sweep 380:   Retail Value $1359 This cleaner has a large capacity for debris.  It sweeps the pool as it picks up debris.  This pump also works in all inground pools.


2.  Poalris Vac Sweep 480:  Retail Value $1300  One of this cleaners best features is its stainless steel drive chain.  This helps overall durablitiy and longevity of the cleaner.  This one also has translucent UV resistance housing, which again helps its life span.

1. ¬†Polaris 3900 Sport ¬†Retail Value $1563¬† This one is super user frielndly; easy to adjust and its bag is super easy to remove. ¬†Of course with any top of the line item, the design is fantastic…look how pretty it is! ¬†The cleaner also gets into those hard to reach places without spraying water outside your pool as it cleans. ¬†All wheel drive, this baby can also reverse itself so you never have to worry about it getting stuck.