Cleaning Your Salt Cell

Ever wonder how to clean out your salt cell??

  It involves some acid, but Pool Refs did a video just for you!

What does a salt cell do and why do you need to clean it you may ask…well here are a few pointers:

Contrary to popular belief, a salt water pool still needs chlorine.  Instead of having to add chlorine tablets or have a chlorine floater floating around in your pool, you have a salt cell, also known as chlorine generators.  How is this chlorine made?  When water passes over the cell, Hypochlorous acid is instantaneously made.  This process is known as electrolysis.  Hypochlorous acid is and active sanitizer that kills algae and other harmful agents in the water.

Take note: balanced chemistry is still needed to maintain your pool, so just because you have a salt water pool doesn’t mean you don’t need a proper Ph balance!

Salt cells generate chlorine for the purpose of inhibiting algae growth in your pool.  Just like anything else on your equipment pad these things need cleaning.  Salt cells are made of precious metals and must be cleaned to keep minerals and deposits built up. Not having them cleaned could mean a slower return for your chlorine to be made and in return creating an easier breeding for algae growth!  (Click this link to see our article on keeping your pool green free!)

It’s pretty simple, just a couple dips here and a couple dips there and screw it all back on and your done…take a looksey:


We hope you have found this video and the information above helpful!  If you need any help cleaning your salt cell or are weary of using powerful chemistry (as you should be!) give us a call or drop us a line- 469-215-7733

Happy swimming!