It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, but What’s Happening with My Pool?

In North Texas, we always welcome the rain, but it can negatively affect our pools. To avoid the negative side effects we recommend you cover your pool with a solar cover if you know a big storm is coming. Luckily, a light shower will not do much to the pool.

So a big Texas thunderstorm rolled in, what’s next?

robot à l'arrêtWith large storms come large winds, which blow debris into your pool. Having debris in your pool attracts algae, algae makes your pool green, which makes you a sad pool owner. To avoid this looming sadness, you want to clean out the debris—and we mean really CLEAN. Brush the pool walls, stairs and ledges as debris can easily accumulate there. Either manually vacuum the pool, or use automatic vacuum. Skim the top and empty skimmer baskets. Whew, sadness avoided.

What about the chemicals after a rainstorm?

Rain is acidic—thanks global warming. Acid rain getting in your pool causes the water’s pH level to decrease. Alkalinity raises the pH so be sure to check its level. You also want to check your chlorine or sanitizer level as they were fighting off containments and might have been diluted by the extra water in the pool. Speaking of, if your water levels are too high after a rainstorm, simply drain some water out.

If you need help in the never ending fight against debris and chemical balancing or simply don’t want to do all this work give us a call at (469) 215-7733 and we’ll help save the day!