Pool School-What’s on the Agenda

From everyone here at Pool Referees we wish you a very Merry Christmas!


We have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas Season…all of our wonderful clients, our hard working technicians (Robert, Dave and Adam!)  If you are lucky to meet one of them while they service your pool they are super friendly and knowledgeable.

Remember we still have our pool school (click here to fill out our form) special going on.  You are eligible if you are a new homeowner for a free 30 minute pool school.

If you don’t have a new home but want to start being a bit more frugal and ‘pool independent’ have one of our techs come out for a mere $59.99 to have them introduce you to your pool equipment, how they work, what to do with them and what your daily maintenance should be.

Here is the agenda to what you will be learning when Robert Sparks (owner and head technician) comes out for your pool school:

  • Introduction
  • What type of pool do you have and how do you read its chemistry?
  • Skimming the surface: All there is to know about skimmer maintenance
  • Pool Sweep: Is your pool sweep right for you?  How do I work this crazy thing?
  • The Four W’s of brushing, netting and vacuuming
  • The Equipment Pad:  What does this button do?
  • Q and A time!  Get out your pen and paper!

With the holidays in gear we could all stand to save a little bit of money!  DIY is definitely the way to go!

Also see our FAQ page to answer any questions you might have without having to pay for pool school! Email us with any other questions at: info@poolrefs.com

-Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!  2 Corinthians 9:15-


Update: Even though Christmas has come and gone, our Pool School is still going on!  Schedule yours today by filling out this form!