Labor Day is right around the corner…

Labor Day is just around the corner, and for most Texans this marks the end of pool season.  Have yourself a grand pool party to celebrate, but first, let’s prep your pool correctly.




Your first step in proper pool care and maintenance is taking a good look at that equipment pad.  Empty your strainer basket of any debris.  Throw the debris away in the trash or even disperse among your bushes.  Dead bugs and leaves are yummy food for your plants!  Make sure your filter PSI is adequate for your type of filter.  A good rule of thumb is between 10 and 15 PSI. Any higher than this and the filter needs to be cleaned out.  This will help your water turnover rate, clarity of the pool and overall health of your system.  Check to make sure all valves open and close and your timer is set for at least 8 hours a day.  Finally, empty all skimmer baskets of debris.  These are the ones around your pool, like in the picture below.




Now that everything is “spit spot” behind the scenes, let’s take a look at that big body of water.


Elbow grease is your best friend!  Take any cleaner and pool toys out (make sure the equipment is turned off) and give that pool a good scrub with a bristle brush.  Here is one of our techs favorites.  Skim the top of the pool and vacuum up any debris with this suction vac.  Suction vacuums are great for fine debris.  We have our techs use more robust vacuums like this Power Vac but for the self-cleaner there is no need to invest in this type of heavy duty equipment.




Checking chemistry is your last step in proper pool care.  A few pro tips:


  1. Reach your arm about elbow deep into the water for your water sample.
  2. Swirled NOT shaken.
  3. Record your tests on a sheet of paper in order to account for the correct amount of chemicals needed.




We test for these chemicals:


  • Free Chlorine (Ideal Range Dependent on CYA Level)
  • Combined Chlorine (Internal Use Only)
  • pH (Ideal 7.4 – 7.6)
  • Total Alkalinity (Ideal 80 – 140)
  • Cyanuric Acid (Ideal 30-50 ppm)
  • Calcium (Ideal 200-400)
  • Salt Level (Ideal 2800ppm – 3500ppm)


Here is a handy chart you can take with you poolside to figure out what to do with each of your chemical readings:


Chemical Tested Reading is Low Reading is High
Chlorine  add chlorine tabs or shock if too low see this post for more information on calculating what level is right for you
pH Add Soda Ash Add Muratic Acid
Total Alkalinity Add Sodium Bicarb Adjusts Itself
CYA Add Cyanuric Acid Partial Drain on Pool
Calcium Add Calcium Carbonate Partial Drain on Pool
Salt Level Add Salt Partial Drain on Pool


Taking all of these steps before and after your party will ensure your pools overall health and cleanliness.  Call Pool Referees with any questions or for a FREE evaluation for service!  We offer a variety of services, including one time cleans that is perfect for this type of event.


We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!