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08 Feb

How to Repair a Gas Pool Heater

Gas pool heaters allow you to extend swimming season into the fall and lets you start swimming in early spring. Nothing ends you cool swimming seasons quicker than a faulty gas pool heater. Swimming pool heaters are one of the most complicated pieces of pool equipment and we recommend calling a local professional to make

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27 Jun

7 Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean Year-Round

For many people, having a swimming pool is a great investment and luxury. It’s such a relief to take a dip and cool off during the sweltering summer months. However, to enjoy these benefits, proper care and maintenance is vital to keep your pool clean. The good news is, keeping your pool sparkling clean isn’t

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21 Jan

Protect your Pool from Freezing Temperatures

When temperatures drop below freezing, protect your pool’s equipment to prevent any damage. If you don’t, water can freeze in your pipes causing cracks and costly repairs. In northern states, you’ll need to winterize your pool but in the south where temperatures rarely drop below freezing there are other steps to keep your equipment protected:

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04 Nov

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Baby it’s cold outside….all things winter dance in my head as the weather gets chillier here in the great state of Texas. Swimming is not on my priority list these days…nor is going outside to take care of my swimming pool..brrrrr! So do our pools need maintenance in the winter months?  We are all trying

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22 Oct

Cleaning Your Salt Cell

  It involves some acid, but Pool Refs did a video just for you! What does a salt cell do and why do you need to clean it you may ask…well here are a few pointers: Contrary to popular belief, a salt water pool still needs chlorine.  Instead of having to add chlorine tablets or

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23 Aug

In the Tech’s Toolbox

  1.  Volt Meter  2. Nut Driver  3. Mallet  4. Teflon Tape  5. Ratchet Wrench  6. Pump Lid Wrench  7. Impeller Wrench 8. Pressure Nozzle  9. Pliers Ever wonder what a good pool technician (or mechanic) keeps in his toolbox? Here’s a sneak peek! This is what our Head Pool Technician, Robert, calls his secret

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23 Aug

A better pool service

  So as those who could have guessed we are a family owned, brand spankin’ new (with the fresh smell and everything) company wanting to give clients a better pool service.  Our hope is to take the trust factor out of pool cleaning. You pay a pretty penny to have someone else clean your pool.

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02 Aug

How to Have a Cleaner Pool- Part 3

Our final post is finally here!  The third category of cleaners you should be aware of is the robotic cleaner.  Robotic cleaners work similiar to pressure cleaners in that they use water pressure to create a suction. Here goes! And as always…(Prices are subject to change). Category 3: Robotic Cleaners Robotic Cleaner [rō-ˈbä-tik] [ˈklē-nər] The suction that they

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19 Jul

How to Have a Cleaner Pool Part 2

In our last post we talked about the first type of automatic pool cleaners; pressure cleaners.  In this post on how to have a cleaner pool, we will show you our top three suction cleaners. (Prices are subject to change). Category 2: Suction Cleaners Suction Cleaner [ˈsək-shən] [ˈklē-nər] Uses the suction of your pool pump and your

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