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03 Dec

How Cyanuric Acid Affects your Pool

  What is Cyanuric Acid? Cyanuric acid is a stabilizer for chlorine in swimming pools. It’s one of the most common chemicals added to pools and acts as a “sunblock” for chlorine. It works by bonding with chlorine molecules to prevent ultraviolet rays from breaking the molecules down. Without it, the chlorine would quickly be

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27 Mar

What to Do with Ducks in Your Pool

Oh duck, there are ducks in my pool! With the arrival of spring, comes the arrival of ducks. They are officially trying to settle down with that special someone and find a nice place to nest. Should I allow ducks to nest in my pool? No way! It’s not healthy for you, your pool or

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04 Nov

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Baby it’s cold outside….all things winter dance in my head as the weather gets chillier here in the great state of Texas. Swimming is not on my priority list these days…nor is going outside to take care of my swimming pool..brrrrr! So do our pools need maintenance in the winter months?  We are all trying

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31 Aug

4 Tips and Tricks to Keeping a Healthy Pool in the Fall

4 Tips and Tricks to Keeping a Healthy Pool in the Fall As the weather starts to cool down and leaves start to fall, your pool requires specific care to prolong the life of your equipment and keep the water looking great. The Factors of Fall • Less sunlight • Decreased temperatures • Less pool

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06 Mar

Balancing Your Chemistry

Balancing your chemistry is one of the most important and easy pool maintenance tool to have in your toolbox! Your pool water is always coming into contact with different outside factors; dirt, oil, cosmetics, etc.  Balancing your chemistry is important to keep your pool looking clean and clear all year round. In this post we will

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06 Aug

Mustard Algae

With some help from Swim University and our own Robert Sparks, we can tell you what this stuff is and the best way to get rid of it! First things first, identify your attacker. This stuff is most seen in warmer southern areas.  It does not react to chlorine and can even live on your

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19 Jul

What to do when weather hits

  Have no fear! Pool Refs is here! Here are some easy tips to keep your pool looking in tip top shape without having to fully clean it yourself: After a storm it is always a good idea to add a little granular chlorine, otherwise known as shock to the water and run the pump a

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19 Jun

Do It Yourself Leak Test-The Bucket Test

So you’ve noticed that you have to continually add water to your pool to keep the water levels normal.  Is it just evaporation?  Are the kids swimming too hard and knocking a substantial amount of water out of the pool?  Or is it the dreaded word…leak.. Want to see if your pool is leaking before

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25 Mar

Relay for Life 2014

  You may remember our post about Pool Referees involvement in Relay for Life 2014 at John Paul II High School in Plano, TX. To recap what this post said…Relay for Life is a 12 hour walk/fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  Pool Referees was excited to have their own booth for this May 9th

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