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23 Aug

Labor Day is right around the corner…

Labor Day is just around the corner, and for most Texans this marks the end of pool season.  Have yourself a grand pool party to celebrate, but first, let’s prep your pool correctly.     Your first step in proper pool care and maintenance is taking a good look at that equipment pad.  Empty your strainer

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27 Jul

Anti-Entrapment Pool Drain Covers Save Lives

Anti-entrapment drain covers are raised covers that prevent dangerous suction from your pool’s drain. They don’t prevent your pool’s drain from working any better, but they do prevent you and young swimmers from getting trapped at the bottom of the pool because of the suction. In 2008, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety

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08 Feb

How to Repair a Gas Pool Heater

Gas pool heaters allow you to extend swimming season into the fall and lets you start swimming in early spring. Nothing ends you cool swimming seasons quicker than a faulty gas pool heater. Swimming pool heaters are one of the most complicated pieces of pool equipment and we recommend calling a local professional to make

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27 Jun

7 Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean Year-Round

For many people, having a swimming pool is a great investment and luxury. It’s such a relief to take a dip and cool off during the sweltering summer months. However, to enjoy these benefits, proper care and maintenance is vital to keep your pool clean. The good news is, keeping your pool sparkling clean isn’t

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28 Apr

Pros and Cons: Saltwater vs. Freshwater Pools

There’s so much to consider when designing your dream backyard oasis, especially when it comes to the pool. Shape, size, cost, material…and these days, you have to consider the type of water, too. Saltwater pools are majorly on the rise—three out of four in-ground pools are now saltwater, compared to just one in eight back

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21 Jan

Protect your Pool from Freezing Temperatures

When temperatures drop below freezing, protect your pool’s equipment to prevent any damage. If you don’t, water can freeze in your pipes causing cracks and costly repairs. In northern states, you’ll need to winterize your pool but in the south where temperatures rarely drop below freezing there are other steps to keep your equipment protected:

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03 Dec

How Cyanuric Acid Affects your Pool

  What is Cyanuric Acid? Cyanuric acid is a stabilizer for chlorine in swimming pools. It’s one of the most common chemicals added to pools and acts as a “sunblock” for chlorine. It works by bonding with chlorine molecules to prevent ultraviolet rays from breaking the molecules down. Without it, the chlorine would quickly be

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27 Mar

What to Do with Ducks in Your Pool

Oh duck, there are ducks in my pool! With the arrival of spring, comes the arrival of ducks. They are officially trying to settle down with that special someone and find a nice place to nest. Should I allow ducks to nest in my pool? No way! It’s not healthy for you, your pool or

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04 Nov

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Baby it’s cold outside….all things winter dance in my head as the weather gets chillier here in the great state of Texas. Swimming is not on my priority list these days…nor is going outside to take care of my swimming pool..brrrrr! So do our pools need maintenance in the winter months?  We are all trying

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31 Aug

4 Tips and Tricks to Keeping a Healthy Pool in the Fall

4 Tips and Tricks to Keeping a Healthy Pool in the Fall As the weather starts to cool down and leaves start to fall, your pool requires specific care to prolong the life of your equipment and keep the water looking great. The Factors of Fall • Less sunlight • Decreased temperatures • Less pool

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