Our Techs

Robert Sparks

R obert Sparks has been in the pool business for over 13 years working as a pool cleaning technician, route manager, trainer, repair specialist, chemist, owner and operator.  Robert holds an Associates of Science in CAD design.  His mechanical engineer background allows him to provide efficient solutions to the development of processes and products ranging from small to large components in machinery, vehicles, plant designs, etc.  Robert is excited to bring new and innovative ideas to the pool industry.  Robert resides in Plano with his wife and co-owner Stacey. They have three children together.

Daniel Sparks is Pool Refs lead repair technician.  When he is not battling the Texas heat, he is hunting, fishing and camping.  His favorite project to tackle is a full equipment pad build-new plumbing, wiring, antenna, filter, etc.  One of the strangest things he has seen on the job is a family of frogs living in a green pool.  His favorite color is blue.

Omri Noel has been with Pool Refs for almost two years.  When he is not battling the Texas elements, he is practicing different martial arts, playing video games or hanging out with friends.  He has seen some pretty strange dead animals while on site.  His favorite color is orange.

Brad Vaughn has seen some interesting snakes enjoying a dip in the pool from time to time while on his route.  He hangs out with his family in his free time and practices the art of Kempo.  Working in the heat is the most challenging part of the job.  His favorite color is blue.