Monthly Archives: October 2013

22 Oct

Cleaning Your Salt Cell

  It involves some acid, but Pool Refs did a video just for you! What does a salt cell do and why do you need to clean it you may ask…well here are a few pointers: Contrary to popular belief, a salt water pool still needs chlorine.  Instead of having to add chlorine tablets or

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16 Oct

Good Morning Pumpkin Bread!

Mmmmm this morning was a good morning to make banana pumpkin bread.  It of course came from my all time favorite recipe blog….grocery budget 101.   I tried this bread a couple of weeks ago and loved it!  Now that it is getting colder and rainy here in North Texas it’s the perfect time to

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14 Oct

Relay for Life 2014

Last year Pool Refs joined a wonderful team (Team Relentless) for the Relay for Life 2013 in Plano, Texas.   This year Pool Refs wants to announce their own team: Pool Referees!  (How clever haha) We will still be working with Team Relentless (shout out to captain Nadia Sherwin and her husband Robert Sherwin!) What

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11 Oct

Small Town Feel in a Big City

First off…Happy Friday!  Mid way through October…whaaaa!  I swear I smell fall in the air!  (I believe! I believe!)   Picked our first pumpkins today…lovely pumpkin patch in the area…so much fun to support small business!  Much better than buying at big name stores. Just like getting your pool cleaned at big name companies; much

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